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"The Wholistic Picture program has helped me look at eating and living differently.

"Finally, after many years of switching from one “diet” idea to another, I came up with my brightest idea yet, The Wholistic Picture.

Jess has helped me in so many ways but the most notable is how she’s changed my mindset on dieting, fitness and the overall concept of being healthy and beautiful.

I purchased the three month package because I know myself better than anyone, of course, and I needed accountability for an extended period of time. I knew it would take some time to get my mindset ready to match my appetite and set goals. This program helped me set goals for myself which, Jess explains, goals do not always have to be numbers on a scale. It felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders once I finally wrapped my head around that concept.

The program provides cooking ideas as well as grocery shopping dos and don’ts and ways to save money. I learned to flavor my meals in different ways to mix up the same old same old and keep meals interesting.

Jess also suggests many books and podcasts that are helpful when it comes to self-motivation. I found myself listening to podcasts in the mornings while stuck in rush hour traffic. Now, time flies as I sit in traffic and listen to the boost I need to start my day in a positive light or simply hear new breakfast smoothies to make. They remind me that it’s ok that I shoved my face full of cookies the night before because that’s not the end of the world!

The Wholistic Picture helped me lose a few pounds and a lot of inches, but mostly, it gave me the tools to continue to eat well, exercise and feel great majority of the time. Self-image is something I’ve always struggled with as I’m sure most almost 30 year old women have but I’m feeling much better these days. After three months of working with Jess, I feel confident that if I get off track, I can easily get back on and she’s always there to help motivate me!" ~Alisha G.

"Being an employee of one of the area's largest healthcare providers, we understand in our organization the importance of healthy lifestyles.


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