For the woman who desires more for her wellness routine and life...

THIS part of your journey is where we really start to make big things happen in your wellness routine, in your MINDSET and in your life. While I absolutely LOVE creating new products and collections that serve as reminders for self care, wellness, empowerment and positivity, it truly all started with one on one consulting and small group consulting. Since then my consulting has grown into so much more and includes so much opportunity for your own growth and transformation...

  • The Wholistic Female: A women's wellness membership that helps women to break free from diet culture, focus on ALL different areas of wellness, transform their mindset around themselves and their life and so much more! This membership is for the woman who:
    • is tired of being on the hamster wheel of diet culture and obsessing over her wellness routine
    • wants to feel more freedom, self acceptance, JOY and happiness not only in her self care, but within HERSELF
    • craves to strengthen her MINDSET
    • desires more for herself and her LIFE
  • The Wholistic Entrepreneur: This is my higher level coaching program that blends self care and wellness coaching with business mastermind. The Wholistic Entrepreneur knows that her energy and power for her business stems from how GOOD she feels within herself and how she is taking care of her mind, body and soul. This mastermind membership includes everything in The Wholistic Female Membership PLUS weekly group coaching calls, an additional private mastermind group for support and accountability and monthly business masterclasses from fellow business owners to help also support the "how" of business. This membership is for the woman who craves all that The Wholistic Female does and also are ready to:
    • focus on herself first so she can better serve all of her passions
    • create, build and run amazing business(es)
    • focus on her own self care as she navigates the entrepreneur and business roller coaster
    • transform other areas of her life by digging deeper into her own self awareness and personal growth
    • be fueled by positive energy to better serve her clients, family, friends, and most importantly herself
    • go after the life she TRULY desires
  • One on One Consulting: I also offer one on one consulting for both men and women who desire all of the above and wish to work on a more personal deeper level. Different one on one bundles and coaching opportunities can be discussed via email at

If any of this sounds like you and what you want for your wellness routine and for your life, I would love for you to email me and check out more details about these opportunities at 

I cannot wait to talk more with you about your own journey and how I can help you transform your wellness routine and your life! Talk to you soon!