Shop Savvi Athleisure with Me!

Shop Savvi with me! A lifestyle brand that you will love!

Savvi has become my new favorite clothing brand, not just because I pretty much LIVE in athletic attire, but because they also offer pieces that are as comfy as athletic attire, but can easily be transformed into an outfit for going out on the town or to wear to work!

AND it's like athleisure brand meets home shopping network because each week they have a new "drop" where they release brand new limited pieces every Friday! How fun is that?! 

Their mission and vision also spoke to me from the very beginning: 

  1. Include and Celebrate
  2. Build Up-Don't Break Down
  3. Defend and Protect
  4. Find Responsibility
  5. Show Grace (my favorite one)
  6. Live in Gratitude & Service

You will LOVE the variety and high quality of these clothes. Buttery soft pants, tops and sports bras, comfy cozy hoodies and outdoor wear, athletic accessories, dresses that can be transformed from street wear to a night out, joggers, loungewear and so much more!

Check out the shop here:

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Happy Shopping!