New Year, New Word Collection

One reflection that I have done for the past couple of years is choosing a word that embodies what I desire for my life that year. As we know, seeing our goals and intentions on a regular basis is what truly helps it to manifest in our own lives!

The process of choosing your word and being reminded of that word every day, is the inspiration behind my New Year, New Word Collection! 

To choose your word, grab your journal or a piece of paper and ask yourself these questions as part of the reflection and then let YOUR word guide you to ordering which products will resonate most for you this year:

1) What are your top goals for the new year? Rewrite them here, and as you do, feel the excitement and emotion behind them.

2) Now that you have rewritten some of your goals, is there a common theme between all of these goals? For example, maybe you desire to move your body more, add in more self care and "you" time, focus in on your mindful nutrition, work towards learning a new skill....maybe your word would be "consistency". Another example could be that you want to start your own business, go on more adventures, learn a new hobby, overcome a mental block or obstacle you have been holding onto...maybe your word would be "courage" or "overcome". What words come up for you that are a common theme for your goals this year?

3) Now that you have brainstormed some common theme words for your goals for the new year, take a moment to really let these words sink in. What one brings up the most powerful emotion for you when you think about that one word? Which one reminds you of your goals and gets you excited to go after your goals and desires? This may even take a few days, but whichever one FEELS the best for you is YOUR WORD!