Wellness Freedom Journal

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When I think of what I truly help women to achieve, Wellness Freedom is what comes to mind. Freedom to step into their own power to achieve their greatest life desires, go after their vision and step into a wellness routine they actually enjoy!

When I asked the women in my community what words they think of when they think "Wellness Freedom" these were the words that came to mind for them:

Joy, Love, Peace, Power, Growth, Mindful, Strength, Abundance, Confidence, Self Awareness...Wellness Freedom

This is a journal that truly embodies The Wholistic Picture Mission and serves as a great reminder to bring each of these words into each and every day.

Journal Details

  • Black leatherette material
  • Size: 5.7" x 8.4"
  • 192 pages (92 sheets) ruled lined
  • Vinyl Design is in Blush Pink

Each word is digitally designed, hand crafted onto each journal with permanent vinyl. 

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